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There is no law in any country that I know of that trading is illegal.


Custom bootlegs, the individual(s) who records them on tapes or disc format, makes record of what's there, etc. making it themselves.

Anyone can record anything they want to, under fair use; Home Recording Act P1 102-563, 106 Stat 4237 codified at 17 USC 1001-1010 in October 1992.

Interview with Chicago FBI agent on October 31, 1994 "mom and pop stores aren't a concern, not illegal unless mass produced" [mom and pop a.k.a. independent store this store is independently owned]; above statements are not actual quotes but is the same thing that was said in the interview; on June 1, 2005 I made the call to ask the same thing (Nashville) clearly said nothing is wrong unless mass produced.

January 17, 1984 Sony/Betamax decision "sale of home videotape recorded held not to constitute contributory infringement of television program copyrights".

Fisher Price / Well Made Toy MFG Corp 25 F.3D 119 (2D Cir 1994) "person who independently creates a work is not liable even if later work is identical to the copyright work".

Public domain do not have protection and do not need owner's permission: 1909 - 1922 28 years, if renewed another 28 years; 1923 - 1963 28 years, if renewed additional 67 years; 1964 - 1978 95 years; 1978 or after life of author or if joint life of longest author + 75 years (anonymous author 95 years from release or 120 years from created whichever is less); created before 1978 but not release until 2003 or later life of author + 70 years (minimum expire 2048).

No law exists for trading whereas no money exchanged is involved.

Foreign released movies are not protected under US Copyright unless it has been released in the US meaning you can make as many copies as you want to a foreign released movie but if that particular movie has been released in the US it's illegal. Examples: The Dragon Lives Again (1980) foreign release never US released legal to copy; Premutos Der gefallene Engel (1997) foreign & US released illegal.

Anyone can make any kind of website they want, only 2 rules to that: 1. host must allow the website, 2. must be legal.