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  1. If you offer a trade to me, you must send your part of the trade first. If I offer a trade to you, I will send my part of the trade first. I don't send DVDs at the same time. I won't burn your DVDs until I receive your DVDs first if you initiated the trade.

  2. Each person in the trade is responsible for the cost of shipping his or her part of the trade.

  3. I don't accept DVD-R copies of retail DVDs, Blu-Rays, or purchased digital downloads.

  4. I don't accept VCD.

  5. I don't accept DVDs with commercials.

  6. I will only accept shows that are in English. They must be recorded in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or another country that has the exact same shows like the shows that aired in the US.

  7. I trade disc for disc. I will trade 1 DVD for every 1 DVD that you send me. I want every trade to be equal whenever possible. I do this to make it a fair trade.

  8. When offering me a trade, you must give the number of DVDs in the set as well as the quality of the set out of 10. I want the highest quality sets I can get.

  9. I will not accept sets from or made by bad traders. Here is a list of known bad traders:

  10. Nothing on my trade list is for sale. It's strictly for trade only. No exceptions. I don't make any monetary profit from these DVDs.

  11. My trade list is for others and myself to have DVD-R copies of TV shows that are not currently available on retail DVD or Blu-Ray. If any TV show on my list becomes available on a retail season set, I will remove the show from my list and it will not be available for trade anymore.

  12. I reserve the right to refuse a set to anyone at any time during a trade if that TV show becomes available on a retail season set. No copyright infringement is intended.

  13. Please support the studios. If you have a TV show DVD set that becomes available on a retail season set, then I recommend that you buy the retail version.