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"Weird Al" Yankovic Trade Page


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Welcome to my trade page for rare and unreleased "Weird Al" Yankovic songs; "Weird Al" Yankovic concerts; and "Weird Al" Yankovic TV, Internet, and live videos. I have several rare Weird Al songs and TV, Internet, and live videos available for trade. If you would like to trade for any of the songs and/or videos that I have, then please contact me.


I trade based on how many songs and/or videos you send me. For every 1 song and/or video that you send me, I will send you 1 song and/or video that you requested. If you are only trading songs for videos, then you will have to trade 2 songs for every video that you want. I do this to make it a fair trade. If I give you a video for a song, then all I'm getting is audio and you're getting audio and video. Trading 2 songs to me for 1 video makes it a fair trade. I'm willing to trade online using file sharing sites. I recommend using MediaFire for file sharing trading online. The free version gives you 54 GB of space without upload or download restrictions.


If you don't have any Weird Al related stuff to trade, then contact me with anything else you're willing to trade and maybe we can work something out. Nothing on my trade page is for sale. It's strictly for trade only. No exceptions.


Use the links above to check out my lists and to contact me. Also, be sure to check out the pictures that I posted below.


When sending me your part of the trade, don't use media mail from the USPS. It takes too long and it's a higher risk of the package being lost in the mail. I know this from experience.


I also trade for the Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Limited Edition Trading Cards. I'm looking to get the ones I'm missing.


47, 59, 80, 113-118, 120, 123+


I would like to get all the videos from the UGO trivia game called, ""Weird Al" Yankovic Yanks Your Chain". I don't know how many videos there are but I want all of them. I also want the interview. Click Here


Here's the parody that Al was "forced" to write for Entertainment Weekly in order to promote the release of The Weird Al Show on DVD.



Here is a picture I took at Alcon III of "Weird Al" and Suzanne Yankovic.



Here is an article from my local newspaper.