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Bigk181 TV Show DVD Trade Page


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I want to upgrade my video editing and DVD authoring software. I will trade 50 DVDs to someone who is willing to buy me TMPGEnc Convert & Create Bundle (English Version). You must purchase it through this site to make sure that it's a legal copy. You must use my name, address, and email on the order form. You can use PayPal to buy it on the site, if you would rather do that than use a credit/debit card.


Welcome to my TV show DVD trade page. Click on the links above for my have and want lists and to contact me. I have several DVD sets available for trade. If you would like to trade for any of the sets that I have, then please contact me. When contacting me, it might be a good idea to add my email address to your address book or contacts list in order to ensure that you will receive my emails. Make sure you read my rules before contacting me about a trade. When you contact me, you agree to be bound by my rules, whether you read them or not.


If you have problems playing any of my DVDs, then try making your DVD player region free. The discs should be region free and playable on all DVD players in the world but it's possible they might not be. A few of my sets came from the UK. In order to make your DVD player region free, go to this site: Type in the brand and model of your DVD player in the search. Click on your DVD player in the search results and that's where you would find how to make your DVD player region free if there is a hack available for that DVD player.


I will accept homemade DVD's of shows and TV movies that are not available on retail DVD. I will also accept retail DVDs and other items. Check out all of my want lists for details. For a bigger list of things that I will accept in trade, check out my Excel File. I may be willing to accept other items not on my lists. Contact me if you have something to trade that you think I might be interested in. When sending me your part of the trade, don't use media mail from the USPS. It takes too long and it's a higher risk of the package being lost in the mail. I know this from experience.


If you like the DVDs that I have traded to you and you would like to help me out by making a donation through PayPal, then you can do so by using the button below. Donations can also be made to the mailing address that you get during the trade. Please do not make any donations before an upcoming trade. If we traded recently, then donations can only be made to me after a trade is completed. I say this because I don't sell anything on my website and I don't want this donation to be considered part of a sale. This will help me by allowing me to buy supplies for trading and any other expenses that I may incur, whether it's related to trading or not. By donating, you agree that the money sent to me is not in exchange for any DVDs or service. It is simply a monetary donation without receiving anything in return. Thank you.